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Book Overview

No Time to Waste

Managers exhibit micro-behaviors for all to see. Some effective, and some not. This guide helps managers to understand and calibrate their micro-behaviors to build relationships and drive performance.

Engage. Coach. Develop.

Today’s workplace is continually transforming while implementing creative strategies to stand out in a competitive world. Within diverse organizations, managers are ideally building talented teams whose members are utilizing their strengths, doing work they enjoy, and being rewarded appropriately. Most importantly, these managers want to connect deeply and effectively with their staff to keep them engaged, happy, and fulfilled professionally.

Artell Smith

Artell Smith is Principal and Managing Director of WatchWorks Management Consulting LLC, and Adjunct Faculty at the Center for Professional and Executive Development with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Business, where he facilitates classes for managers, leaders, and executives. Artell has worked for several industry leaders in senior human resources and talent management positions over the course of his nearly 40 years in business, including two assignments as Chief Human Resources Officer.